247 Pool Table

A contemporary pool table in a league of its own. Design by Porsche Design Studio. Custom-built from premium materials.


Contemporary design for a stylish game

The design for this exceptional billiard table comes from none other than the renowned Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See, Austria. And like everything from Porsche Design, the 247 billiard table presents itself with timelessly clean yet dynamic lines. Exclusive modern minimalism that flatters any interior.

The Porsche Design Studio is one of the world's leading design studios in the fields of product, mobility and space. Founded in 1972 by designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the studio has always stood for the perfect symbiosis of form and function. For over 45 years, the studio has followed its values: functionality, purism, perfection, relevance and passion.

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Create your very own 247 pool table

The 247 billiard table can be completely customized thanks to the exquisite and freely combinable table and cloth colors. This makes every table absolutely unique. The choice is yours, design your own!

Exclusive Accessories

Premium accessories to match your billiard table

Our 247 billiard table comes not only with a high-quality billiard ball set, billiard chalk in the color of your cloth, a handmade leather triangle and a brush. Each billiard table also comes with four high-quality cues in an exclusive stand. Also designed by the Porsche Design Studio and, like the billiard table itself, made of the finest Corian in the color of your table, they round off the exclusive gaming experience.

Exquisite cues with tray

The finely crafted cue rack harmonizes perfectly with the luxurious design of the 247 billiard table and, like the table, was designed by the Porsche Design Studio.

Exclusive billiard ball set

The billiard balls are also of the highest quality to match the billiard table. The high-quality “Super Aramith Pro Ball Set" from the renown Belgian manufacturer are included as accessories to your 247 billiard table.

Premium quality in detail

Convincing facts


stainless steel core, aluminum components


Corian, available in 8 colors

Billiard cloth:

Simonis 860, available in 25 colors

Play field:

3-part slate, 20 mm thick


high-quality leather

Cue stand:

Corian, available in 8 colors


7 foot (American pool)
237 x 130 x 81 cm (L x W x H) | Play field 200 x 100 cm
8 foot (American pool)
259 x 148 x 81 cm (L x W x H) | Play field 224 x 112 cm


550 kg

Included in scope of delivery:

Cue stand, 4 cues, set of billiard balls, chalk, triangle, brush


wooden transport box

Delivery time:

on average, 6 – 8 weeks after receipt of down payment in the amount of 50% of the purchase price, depending on the place of delivery

Delivery and assembly:

Date for delivery and assembly is arranged with the customer following manufacture of the pool table. Assembly time: approx. 3 to 4 hours by a highly specialized 2-man installation team.


12 months warranty on all manufactured pool table parts.


How long is the delivery time?

After receipt of a down payment in the amount of 50% of the purchase price, the delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

How can I order a 247 billiards table and what is the ordering procedure?

You send us your inquiry and receive a corresponding offer including delivery and assembly costs. We customize your 247 pool table in accordance with your wishes and in consultation with interior designers and architects.
On receipt of the down payment in the amount of 50% of the purchase price, your 247 billiard table goes into production. Upon completion, we notify you and arrange a date for delivery and assembly. Your 247 Billiards table is assembled by our own highly specialized fitters, who work on a worldwide basis.

What material is the play field made of?

Only high-quality slate from Italy and Brazil is used in the manufacture of the play field for your 247 Billiards pool table. The 20 mm thick slate slab comes in three parts and the joins are filled in on site at the assembly stage in order to ensure perfect ball rolling performance. This facilitates transport even in the case of installation sites that are difficult to access.

Where is the 247 table manufactured?

The 247 pool table is manufactured in Austria using state-of-the-art CNC technology. A German-based company specializing in Corian is engaged for the Corian surfaces and finishing. All manufacturing stages are carried out with maximum precision craftsmanship. This guarantees perfect quality down to the finest detail.

What sizes does the 247 table come in?

There are two sizes to choose from:
7-foot table: 230 x 130 x 81 cm (L x W x H) with a play field measuring 200 x 100 cm
8-foot table: 259 x 148 x 81 cm (L x W x H) with a play field measuring 224 x 112 cm

How much space do I need for a 247 pool table?

7-foot table: approx. 510 x 410 cm
8-foot table: approx. 536 x 423 cm

What materials is the table made of?

The 247 pool table is made exclusively from top-quality innovative materials. The core of the table is stainless steel and provides the necessary stability. The rest of the table is made of glass-bead blasted aluminum. Finally, innovative Corian, which comes in a wide range of colors, is used to provide an exquisite satin finish. The pockets are hand-made and covered with the finest calf leather in the same color as the table.

What’s the best way of cleaning the billiard table?

The Corian surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily using a glass cleaner and a clean cloth.

What accessories are included in the scope of delivery?

Every 247 billiards table comes with an exclusive Corian cue stand, also designed by Porsche Design Studio, in the same color as the table, plus four premium cues, a set of billiard balls, matching chalk, a triangle, and a brush.

Can the 247 table be moved or repositioned after assembly?

As the legs of the 247 billiard table are fitted with felt gliders, the table can be moved or repositioned even after assembly. However, we recommend leaving the table in its original position after assembly, as during installation it is precisely leveled for this particular spot. A slight shift in position within the room is nevertheless possible assuming appropriate care is taken.

Can the 247 billiards table be delivered and assembled anywhere in the world?

Yes, we deliver and assemble our modern pool tables all over the world. In order to do this, we maintain a global network of professionals who are specialized in assembling our tables.

Does the table come with a warranty?

We provide a 12-month warranty on all manufactured parts of the 247 pool table.

Your individual 247 billiard table

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