Luxury Dumbbells

Exclusive design and superior quality. An eye-catching piece for contemporary interiors. Perfect for modern home and hotel gyms. 

Exclusive design

Stylish yet functional design

Clear, dynamic lines characterize these exceptional design dumbbells – as well as an incomparably high quality of workmanship that is immediately recognizable at first glance. The seamless and flowing transition of the weights to the handle is not only unique but makes the dumbbells appear as if they were made from one piece. The handles, covered with the finest genuine leather, provide a velvety soft grip feeling.

High quality materials

The 247 design dumbbell is made of the highest quality stainless steel grade 1.4404 using high-precision CNC technology. The special surface finish in anthracite nickel-plated provides for the extravagant and noble appearance. To ensure an absolutely smooth and perfect surface, the weights are polished to a high gloss beforehand. The leather handle gets the final touch with the embossing of the logo 247 or your unique initials. More about our production.


Your unique premium dumbbells

To give your dumbbell a personal touch and make it unique, we offer the option of embossing the dumbbell handle with your personal initials, lettering or logo. We provide this particularly elegant form of personalization as a free service. 

Customizable Luxury Dumbbells with Leather Embossing
Customizable Luxury Dumbbells Set

Exclusive accessory

What comes with our dumbbells

Our dumbbells are available as single pairs, as well as a whole set with elegant dumbbell rack. The dumbbell rack – the 247 Tower – is individually manufactured according to your weight selection and offers a stylish storage of a maximum of six pairs of dumbbells. The individual pairs of dumbbells are delivered in a decorative, stylish box.

Premium 247 Tower

The exquisite 247 Design Dumbbells are stylishly showcased with this custom made rack. The 247 Tower, also manufactured with the latest CNC technology, serves as a particularly elegant storage place for your dumbbell pairs. This way, the dumbbells are not placed on metal bars as usual, but in a precisely fitting milled out area. The Tower offers 12 individual shelves for 6 dumbbell pairs (2-12 kg) as standard. However, the 247 Tower can be adapted to your desired weights. The stainless steel base plate with non-slip underside provides the appropriate stability. Available in dark oak finish, the 247 Tower can be integrated into any modern interior.

Premium quality in every detail

Convincing facts


Stainless Steel


Nickel Anthrazit


Stainless steel covered with the finest leather

Dumbbells Weights:



Free initial or logo embossing in handle 

Dumbbells Rack:

Made of dark oak, stainless steel base plate

Rack Capacity:

12 individual slots for 6 pairs of dumbbells


Each pair of dumbbells is delivered in its own decorative box

Delivery Time:

3-4 weeks (individual production)



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