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Company & Philosophy

247 Billiards stands for highest quality “Made in Austria”. Maximum precision in processing as well as the use of the highest quality materials are our priorities. 

Our history

From our first billiard table until today

Since the beginning, our passion has been to create exclusive lifestyle products that inspire our customers. Thus, in cooperation with the renowned Porsche Design Studio, the first product to be developed was a premium billiard table – with the aim of making the old familiar new and unique. The reduced and timeless design language was continued with the expansion of the product range – modern table tennis tables and dumbbells.

247 Billiards GmbH was founded in 2012 by Michael Steininger. The basis for today’s know-how is the many years of experience in the family business Steininger Metallbearbeitung, founded in 1975. This knowledge and the passion for exclusive design is reflected in our lifestyle products.

For the design of our first product we turned to the renowned Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See, Austria. The design language was to correspond to the purist, exclusive design philosophy of Porsche Design. This enabled us to quickly win over customers who have the highest standards of design and quality.

Exclusive private home gyms, hotel and yacht gyms are becoming increasingly popular with discerning customers – the demand for premium training equipment is growing. Thus, in 2020, the product portfolio was expanded to include an exclusive dumbbell set with matching dumbbell rack.

Increased requests for a table tennis equipment with a similar purist, modern design, incouraged us to ads our unique Ping-Pong table to our product range in 2021. The perfect complement to our premium lifestyle products.

The production

Craftsmanship and Tradition

Production is based on many years of experience in our family-run metalworking business based in Wels, Austria. For this purpose, we work together with specialized master companies in Germany. Expertise, the highest quality and the latest CNC technology characterize the entire production process. In this way, every product is manufactured for our customers with the utmost care – piece by piece.


Our high quality materials

The selection of appropriate materials is given the utmost importance at 247 Billiards. Each material is selected for its specific function for the respective product. In order to be able to guarantee the highest quality, a thorough procurement process precedes the development process.

processed metal


The highly precise processing of metals is one of the core competencies of 247 Billiards. That is why the structure of our game tables is mainly made of aluminum and high-quality stainless steel.

The dumbbells are completely made of the best quality stainless steel, besides the leathering of the handles. Due to the long experience in metalworking, maximum precision and processing quality can be guaranteed.


Worldwide unique is the use of the high-end material Corian for the surface of the billiard table.

The thermal deformation of Corian and the silky mate appearance create a dynamic and exquisite design aesthetic.

In cooperation with the Corian manufacturer HASENKOPF in Mehring, Germany, we create design billiard tables, which are absolutely unique due to the materiality and its processing.

Different materials used by 247-Billiards
Different leathers used for 247-Billiards products


In addition to the design, the feel of a product is also an important feature to focus on.

For this purpose, the dumbbell handles are covered with the finest genuine leather, which provides a pleasant, velvety-soft grip feeling.

The ball pockets of the billiard table are also made of leather not only because of the beautiful appearance – it also ensures a soft, noise-absorbing sinking of the balls in the pockets.


Puristic Premium Product

247 Billiards stands for clear, minimalist and functional design at the highest level.

High-quality materials and careful workmanship with great attention to detail ensure a perfect design aesthetic.

To make the old new and extraordinary is the philosophy we follow when developing of our products.


Contact us for a price quote or if you require further information. Our team will respond shortly.

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