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Training with style has never been more appropriate than with the 247 dumbbells. Clear, dynamic lines characterize the design of these extraordinary dumbbells – as well as an incomparably high quality of workmanship, which is immediately recognizable at first glance. The seamless and fluid transition from the weights to the handle is not only unique, but also makes the dumbbell look like it was made from a casting. The handles are covered with the finest genuine leather, ensuring a velvety soft feel during every workout.

Materials | Workmanship

When selecting the materials, there was only one premise: Uncompromising quality and maximum precision in workmanship. This way, the 247 dumbbell is made exclusively from the highest quality grade 1.4404 stainless steel, finished with high-precision CNC technology. The extravagant and noble look is provided by the surface finishing with chrome glossy. In order to guarantee an absolutely smooth and perfect surface, the weights are first polished to a high gloss. The leather handle gets the final finishing touch with the embossing of the 247 logo.

Weight Rack / 247 Tower

Of course, the exquisite 247 luxury dumbbells also need a correspondingly stylish weight rack. The 247 Tower, also manufactured with the latest CNC technology, offers a particularly elegant option for the storage of the dumbbell pairs. The dumbbells are not placed on metal rods as usual, but are safely laid down in a precisely milled out cavity. The tower offers 12 individual storage slots for 6 pairs of dumbbells (2-12 kg). The base plate, made of stainless steel with a non-slip underside, ensures the appropriate stability. Available in dark oak, the 247 Tower can be integrated into any modern interior.


Your unique 247 dumbbells.

Customize the 247 dumbbell to fully suit your needs with a variety of leather colour options. For leather handles, the following colours are available: Black, brown or grey. The colour options have been carefully worked out and each stands for elegance and an aesthetic appearance.

Your 247 dumbbells


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