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Customized Billiard Table

Customize an ultra modern 247 Billiard Table to fit your personal preferences. There are more than 30 exquisite Corian colors for the billiard table’s surface and more than 20 Simonis-Cloth colors available for selection. Match your custom pool table to harmonize with the rest of your home interior. Additional customized options also include a logo of your choice on the billiard cloth. For this purpose, we have a specialized partner responsible for providing innovative processes which encorporate the logo design into the fabric of the billiard cloth as to not influence the rolling performance of the billiard balls.

Your 247 Billiard Table

Would you like a computer rendering of a Custom Pool Table, including your personalized color selections, prior to placing your order? If so, please contact 247 Billiards and we will be happy to send you one or several different versions per email. At your request we will gladly send Corian color samples, as well as billiard cloth samples via post mail in order to form a better impression of the exclusive colors and surfaces we have to offer. If you have finalized your design selections, your personalized Custom Pool Table will be manufactured with the highest precision in Austria. As individual as the player – 247 Billiard Tables.

Table Colors

Custom Pool Table Body Colors

Cloth Colors

Custom Pool Table Cloth Colors


Design your personalized 247 Billiard Table based on your individual conception and select from a broad range of elegant table and cloth colors. If desired, it is also possible to have your personalized logo integrated onto the table. Select the appropriate table size and once your design choices have been chosen, your personalized Custom Pool Table will be manufactured with the highest precision in Austria.

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Available sizes

7 ft 8 ft
Playing surface

200 x 100 cm

224 x 112 cm


237 x 130 x 81 cm

259 x 148 x 81 cm

Room size needed

510 x 410 cm

536 x 423 cm